Sales and Marketing Services

An effective sales development solution for businesses can aid to align sales and marketing with an effective sales strategy to maximize productivity, ROI and assist your company to streamline the business process.

SalesMist tracks, nurtures, and qualifies leads by implementing “BANT” principle (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline) in the sales process.

We have a tested multi-step method that ensures your business not simply ranks high, however additionally improves conversion rates and stays on high of organic search ranking for extended periods.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
SaleMist has the experience and knowledge in planning your PPC. We offer good PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for your business and additionally ROI (Return On Investment) is very high compared with alternative kinds of on-line advertising.

Search Engine Marketing has a better visibility to the website, by increasing the traffic to the website. Our dedicated team of experts increase the visibility by increased conversion rate thus have a better target at the right audience which in turn increases value of your business.

Right from conceptualizing your social media strategy to developing content, promoting your marketing messages, we are able to be your single supply for love or money on social media optimization and selling.

Our social media marketing team will manage all your social media profiles, pages, accounts on your behalf and we will engage with your audience.

Email Marketing
We define every mail sent to your potential customer as Email marketing, we build an authentic connection with the humans that keep our business alive.
SalesMist focuses to build an effective campaign flow to target the audience and capture high quality leads through the strategic sales process. We also help your business to gain new customers by reaching potential customers and personalize their buying experience, deliver high-quality leads to drive sales for better business growth.

Accumulating and analyzing data of customers is a struggle for most businesses. Salesmist knows how data can be captured and processed. Our expertise in B2B DataBase marketing provides Prospect List DataBase, Business DataBase, Healthcare DataBase to help clients to deploy solutions for their business. When you want a unified customer view or a better way to personalize your marketing efforts, our business database marketing strategies make it simpler. We also provide Healthcare DataBase that is continuously updated and enhanced through a blend of primary research, health-related solutions, transactional data, health-care mail lists, and industry sources. Salesmist is updated every day with new business data.

1. Our B2B Email DataBase collects all the names, B2B email lists and email addresses of business actual, and potential customers.
The service is accomplished by our industry professionals having a rich understanding of this realm. We provide email appending services, which is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to add or update a valid email address into a customer record within the database. This process significantly improves email marketing metrics by minimizing cost, expanding a task audience, maximizing the ROI, and increases project effectiveness..

2. Our Data Refining process will disparate data within a common context to increase the awareness and understanding of the data, remove data variability and redundancy, and develop an integrated data resource.

3. We provide Data Authentication services that will Increase the Data Quality with Data Authentication. Our data authentication service provides proven solutions to help clients.

4. Data Licensing Get your data on Salesmist database. Our licensed data have helped hundreds of clients from various industries, to connect with prospects and customers.

We have a team of expert sales and marketing professionals, SDR’s/ BDR’s, ISR’s and BDM’s who guide and help your business to adopt best-practices and campaign strategies to improve sales and business efficiency.
We have a team of BDM’s and Sales Professionals with immense knowledge in the sales development process, who understands the needs of buyers and are available to work closely with wider sales team to excel your business growth.
Lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with prospects at every stage of the prospect's journey. Our marketing automation helps nurture leads and optimizes marketing efforts, which is important for businesses looking to increase their conversion rate.

We engage with prospects and provide the right information in order to help them make a buying decision with timely follow-ups and relevant communications.
Demand generation is about creating awareness and interest in the audience about a company’s product or services. The main objective of demand generation is brand positioning and brand awareness. And create a demand generation programs that can help your companies reach new markets, promote updated information of the product, re-engage with existing customers and build a long-term relationship along the sales cycle.

Our proficient team of creative marketing specialists can design, execute and manage the demand generation campaigns with relative and engaging content delivered at the right time to accelerate sales and deliver value to clients.
A targeted approach starts with quality data. Our database management technology eliminates data inaccuracy and provides reliable data by optimizing data so that you will be able to reach the right contacts to promote your products.

We specialize in prospect discovery services across organizations within the industry verticals that can hold business value for you. With the team of contact discovery experts, who research and find the contacts or companies you want to target to solve your lead generation problems.

Our prospect discovery is not merely based on title nomenclature, but we also concentrate on the functional responsibility to ascertain that they are highly relevant contacts. We verify each data and provide valid data to ensure the reliability & precision of data to connect with the right contact and increase your sales conversions resulting in maximum ROI.
Our sales professionals use a combination of analysing data and responses to key campaigns, with calling potential clients to gage level of interest and determine their stage in the buying cycle. We also specialise in event acquisition, event follow-up and fixing appointments to ISR’s with prospects. These ISR’s will call your lead lists and provide background support for each appointment so that sales professionals prepare well in advance to promote the product and close a sale.
Content is an important asset to engage with the audience to increase brand awareness and recognition, increase qualified leads, build and foster stronger customer relationships and enhance customer retention rate.
SalesMist can assist to design a campaign strategy to utilize the existing content or work with you to create and build unique content to promote your business and support existing marketing strategy. We create high-quality and customized content to serve for your business purpose.
Lead generation is a crucial part of the marketing strategy. We have creative ideas to promote your business and get the attention of potential buyers through direct mail service offered at an affordable budget.