About Us

Startup and Emerging Company Growth Accelerator

As a growth accelerator, SalesMist’s principals have advised, mentored and helped launch and grow hundreds of startups and emerging growth companies across the globe. Our relationships with founders, investors, and partners has formed and followed the journey of innovative companies from startup to pivot, rapid growth to scale, to acquisition and beyond. We’re also mentors for MassChallenge, the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet.

Through our insider’s perspective, we saw patterns emerge that consistently led to stalled growth or a slow, expensive path to failure:

  • Launching before ready for your market
  • Scaling before market validation or acceptance
  • Hiring sales or marketing staff before operational readiness
  • Ineffective, or lack of the right tools and systems to drive and measure growth
  • Brand, creative, content and digital assets lacking cohesion and connection with your market

We use a system for identifying the stage your company is in. Whether you’re a startup or an emerging company ready to grow or scale, we have proven solutions.

We created a suite of affordable essential services for key stages in a company’s journey. We negotiated rates and partnerships with other service companies beyond what any single startup could access or otherwise afford And we wrapped it all in expert-level coaching, giving founders the infrastructure they need to start or scale.